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Undrilled Medium Jade Yoni Eggs for Kegels Women Weight Lifting After Birth Care

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  • UNDRILLED, MEDIUM SIZE: 43 x 30mm, very popular size for women who prefer undrilled yoni egg because it is easier to clean after each use. Undrilled eggs tend to have intact crystal energy. Excellent bladder control device.

  • CERTIFIED: Each egg comes with a certificate of authenticity, to guarantee 100% natural and genuine nephrite jade is used and workmanship.

  • SAFE: This nephrite jade egg is hand crafted without using any chemical treatments or dyeing, very safe for intimate usage.

  • FOR KEGELS AND HEALING: This real nephrite jade egg is a good kegel exerciser for training pelvic floor muscles. Also a good tool for crystal energy healing in meditation. Good decoration for your room as well.

  • RISK FREE QUARANTEE: If you are not satisfied with your purchase, just return it for a full refund. No questions asked; No hassle.

Product description

Size:Medium (43 x 30mm)

What are included?
1) One genuine nephrite jade egg, medium size (43 x 30mm), undrilled;
2) A flyer (certificate of authenticity and yoni egg user instructions); 
3) A beautiful purple velvet jewelry pouch.

Benefits you can get from this real nephrite jade egg:
1) Excellent kegel exerciser to strengthen your love muscles (pelvic floor muscles) to gain more sensitivity, improve urinary incontinence, tightens and tones the vaginal wall, increase lubrication, prevents sagging of the uterus, rectum and bladder.
2) Spiritual enlightenment and spiritual awareness increase.
3) Energy healing and meditation. 
4) Excellent natural stone massage tool.

Why nephrite jade?
Nephrite jade is a powerful healing stone that helps amplify body's natural self-healing capacity. It is proven scientifically that nephrite radiates far-infrared rays, which bring beneficial effects on human body, especially on skin, blood circulation and skin cell vitalizing. Nephrite jade is particularly helpful for healing kidney, stomach, arthritis, bladder, joints and stiffness complains. The name "nephrite" is from Greek "nephros", which means kidney with reference to its benefits in treating kidney diseases. In Chinese culture, nephrite jade is considered the Stone of Heaven. The jade egg used in Taoist practice since ancient time was nephrite. Nephrite jade is very dense and pure. Nephrite has a tightly packed interwoven fibrous structure that makes it very tough, strong and dense, preventing any harmful impurities and bacteria from diffusing inside. Nephrite jade is heavier than most stones because of its tightly packed structure. Nephrite is also very hard, even harder than steel. This makes it a perfect choice as yoni egg. 

If you are a beginner user and think you may have difficulties in removing a undrilled egg, you may want to consider our drilled eggs that can be threaded with a removal string.