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Serpentine Yoni Eggs Set of 3 for Women to Train Yoni Pelvic Floor Muscles to Gain Bladder Control,with Instruction, Pre-drilled,Made of Natural Stone, Most Affordable Kegel Eggs Set

$59.90 $29.90

Product description

LOWEST PRICE. Offer ends soon

What you get:
1) set of 3 yoni eggs, predrilled, made of natural serpentine stone (helu stone);
2) User instructions; and
3) Packing box.

This set is exactly the same set manufactured by the same maker but sold at a price between $89.99 - $97.99 by other sellers who market this set as "serpentine nephrite jade egg", "helu jade eggs", "xiuyu jade", "xiuyan jade", or "new jade". Our price is only $29.9, the LOWEST (you have BIG saving). 

Please note that the name "serpentine nephrite jade" used by some sellers at amazon marketplace is intentionally misleading. Serpentine is one type of stone, while nephrite jade is a another type of stone. There is NO "serpentine nephrite jade" stone on earth. Because serpentine stone is cheaper, this set of yoni eggs is very affordable but still functional and safe yoni eggs set. 
This set comes with 3 sizes: Large size (43 mm length), Medium size (39mm), and Small size (29mm). 

Please note the size of this set is smaller than our standard yoni eggs. Large size of this set is similar to the medium size of our standard yoni eggs.

Because of the low price, the set is a good choice for women who are not so sure about the effectiveness of yoni egg practice but just want to give a trial. After this entry level set, if you confirm yoni egg practice is something really doing good for you, then you may get a better set, such as middle tier set made of rose quartz or obsidian gemstone, or high tier set made of nephrite jade. 

Our LOW tier yoni eggs set: Serpentine (helu) stone yoni eggs set ($29-49); 
MIDDLE tier set: rose quartz or obsidian yoni eggs set($80-99); 
HIGH tier set: nephrite jade eggs set ($150 -160)

About the product

  • BEST VALUE: Most affordable entry level yoni eggs 3-pcs set, the cheapest online. The exact set from the same manufacturer, with exact same size, same quality only with different packages, is sold by other sellers at a price between $89.99 - $97.99. Our price is only $29.9, the LOWEST.
  • This set is our LOW tier set yoni eggs, which are made of serpentine stone that is often marketed as "helu jade", "serpentine nephrite jade", "new jade", "Xiuyan jade" or "Xiuyu jade" by some sellers. Good choice for women who want to look for low price yoni eggs to just give a trial. If you want better quality yoni eggs, please select our MIDDLE tier or HIGH tier sets, which are made of rose quartz, or obsidian gemstones, or nephrite jade.
  • This set of yoni eggs is made of natural serpentine stone, is an excellent choice as entry level pelvic floor muscles exercisers to gain better bladder control, and is more affordable.
  • Hand carved, this set of yoni eggs is safer than metal and silicon products.
  • Pre-drilled with strings for easy of retrieval. Comes with instructions.