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Yoni Eggs 3-pcs Set of Nephrite Jade, Bundled with Pair of Kegel Balls of Rose Quartz, and One Box Unwaxed String & Instructions, for Training Pelvic Muscles, Most Luxury Kegel Set

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Key Product Features:

This is our most luxurious and exquisite yoni egg bundle that comes with following 5 items:
1) 3-pcs set yoni eggs made of genuine nephrite jade, consisting of 3 sizes: Large, Medium and Small, all predrilled; 
2) pair of medium size Kegel balls made of rose quartz, undrilled; 
3) one box of unwaxed & unflavored dental floss of 55 yards for use as retrieval cord; 
4) certificate of authenticity for the nephrite jade eggs; 
5) 5 pieces of jewelry pouches for you to store the jade eggs and Kegel balls.

Product Description:

  • This bundle has both the most luxury and gorgeous genuine nephrite jade eggs set and beautiful pair of rose quartz Kegel balls (Ben Wa balls). You have every thing with this bundle to start toning your pelvic floor muscles the same day when you receive this product.
  • This is the ONLY product in the world that has both genuine nephrite jade eggs set and rose quartz kegel balls, very rare, unique, luxurious, and exquisite. Gorgeous gift for yourself or your partner for tightening pelvic floor muscles to prevent prolapse of bladder and uterine and reduce urinary incontinence,  and for crystal healing for all levels of users.
  • The nephrite jade yoni eggs set has all 3 sizes: Large, Medium, and Small, suitable for all levels of users, from beginners to advanced users.  Large size (50x35mm), Medium size (43 x 30mm),  Small size (35x25mm). All 3 eggs are drilled at the smaller end of the eggs for retrieval cord, very easy to removal.
  • The 2 rose quartz kegel balls are medium size (25mm, 1") diameter, undrilled, for advanced users.

Reasons of Recommendations: 

1) the ONY product in the world that has both genuine nephrite jade 3-pcs sets and pair of rose quartz Kegel balls (Ben Wa balls), very rare, unique, luxurious, and exquisite. 

2) you have everything you need to tone your love muscles: 3-pcs jade eggs, pair of Ben Wa balls, one box of unwaxed dental floss as retrieval cord, user instructions, and 5 jewelry pouches for storing your jade eggs and Ben Wa balls. 

3) this bundle is suitable for ALL levels of users, from beginners who have weak love muscles to advanced users who have experience in kegel exercises. You can start with the Large jade egg, then train with the Medium egg, then the Small egg, and finally the Ben Wa balls. 

4) the 3 nephrite jade eggs come with certificates of authenticity. 100% genuine and natural. All handmade without any chemical treatments or dyeing. Safe, reliable, and luxurious. Can be used as functional kegel toys, or energy healing and meditation tools, or beautiful carving art to decorate your house. 

This yoni eggs set and kegel balls are designed to assist in strengthening your pelvic floor muscles (love muscles) and massage your or your partner's yoni from inside. Regular practice with this product allows you to keep your yoni alive and brings following benefits: enhanced sensitivity, the ability to contract the yoni muscles around its shape thereby strengthening the walls, prevent and counter stress urinary incontinence.

 The genuine jade eggs and rose quartz kegel balls are excellent and exquisite tool in kegel exercises.

Benefits of yoni eggs for you:

  • Strengthening pelvic floors muscles (love muscles) to prevent prolapse of bladder and uterine.
  • Training for postpartum recovery for women after giving birth.
  • Counter stress urine incontinence with stronger pelvic floor muscles.
  • And many more benefits. Please Google "yoni eggs benefits".