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Nephrite Jade Eggs Set of 3, Large, Medium and Small 3 Sizes, Drilled, with Unwaxed String, Cleaning Brush, User Instructions and Authentic Certificate, One of a Kind Yoni Eggs to Strengthen Kegel Muscles to Gain Better Bladder Control

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Key Product Features:

  • LUXURY NEPHRITE EGGS SET, CAN LAST A LIFE TIME: The most luxury, exquisite and gorgeous set of 3 nephrite jade eggs for tightening love muscles for all beginner, intermediate and advanced users, safe, luxury, and one of a kind gift for yourself or your loved one, to train love muscles to gain better bladder control to improve urinary incontinence.
  • HAVE EVERY THING FOR KEGEL: Comes with 1) 3 genuine nephrite jade eggs with full range 3 sizes, 2) one box 50 meters of unwaxed & unflavored dental floss as retrieval string, 3) one brush that is handy for cleaning the hole of the eggs, 4) user instructions, 5) certificates of authenticity, 6) 3 small and one large jewelry pouches.
  • CONVENIENT JEWELRY POUCH: The 3 small pretty purple velvet jewelry pouches are very handy to store each of the 3 eggs. The small pouches can also be used as the weighting bags in vaginal weight-lifting. The large pouch is handy for storing all 3 eggs and the floss: much easier and convenient than bulky box.
  • CERTIFIED: Each egg comes with a certificate of authenticity, to guarantee 100% natural and genuine nephrite jade is used and top workmanship quality.
  • RELIABLE MANUFACTURER : Made by Polar Jade Enterprises Corp., the only company that makes full ranges of yoni eggs from nephrite jade, rose quartz and obsidian and understands the quality and safety requirements for intimate usage of yoni eggs.

What You Get?

(a) Full range 3 sizes set of genuine nephrite jade eggs, large, medium and small;
(b) one box 55 yards of unwaxed & unflavored dental floss for us as retrieval string;
(c) one brush that is handy for cleaning the hole of the eggs;
(d) user instructions;
(e) certificates of authenticity;
(f) 3 small beautiful purple velvet jewelry pouches for the 3 eggs, and one large pouch for storing the eggs, dental floss, brush and user instructions.

Product Description:
1) This is the most luxurious, exquisite and gorgeous 3-pcs nephrite jade eggs set for tightening love muscles, for all beginner, intermediate and advanced users, it is one of a kind gift for yourself or your loved ones to strengthen kegel muscles for better bladder control,
2) Comes with everything you need for jade egg practices. The 3 eggs have the most often used 3 sizes: Large, Medium and Small, all sideway drilled at the smaller end of the egg for retrieval string, very easy to use and to retrieve the egg without worrying about "losing" the egg in your cervix.
3) Made of 100% natural and genuine nephrite jade. Manually carved and polished with outstanding finishing. Without any chemical treatment of dyeing. Very dense, solid and non-porous.

Why Nephrite Jade?
Nephrite jade is a powerful healing stone that helps amplify body's natural self-healing capacity. It is proven scientifically that nephrite radiates far-infrared rays, which bring beneficial effects on human body, especially on skin, blood circulation and skin cell vitalizing.
Nephrite jade is particularly helpful for healing kidney, stomach, arthritis, bladder, joints and stiffness complains. The jade egg used in Taoist practice since ancient time was nephrite. Nephrite jade is heavier than most stones because of its tightly packed structure.
Wear genuine nephrite jade eggs, don't wear fake eggs of marble stone.