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Golden Sheen Obsidian Gemstone Kegel Exercisers (Kegel Balls), Rare, Exquisite, Excellent Bladder Control Training Device

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  • RARE & ONE-OF-A-KIND KEGEL BALLS: Made of gold sheen obsidian that is good for clearing negative energies and purifying one's auric field.
  • DRILLED, LARGE SIZE: For women who prefer drilled kegel balls that can be threaded with a removal string for easy of removal. Large size is easier to feel and hold, good for women who are new to kegels or have relatively weak pelvic muscles.
  • HEALING & EXQUISITE: Gold sheen obsidian is a well-known healing stone with shining gold color inclusions under sunlight.
  • SAFE: This pair of gold sheen obsidian balls is hand crafted without using any chemical treatments, nor using any wax to fill the holes or cracking of the crystal to hide the defects, very safe for intimate usage.
  • RELIABLE MANUFACTURER : Made by Polar Jade Enterprises Corp., the only company that makes full ranges of kegel exercisers from nephrite jade, rose quartz and obsidian and understands the quality and safety requirements for intimate usage.