Pleasure your eyes, heal our body & mind

Gemstone Wand Massager 8.4 inch (21 cm) Long, with Curved Shaft

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This wand is slightly bent at the middle of the shaft with flowing curves and has double ends for better handling, masterfully designed and manually carved & polished to pleasure both your eyes and body. Excellent shoulder, neck and back deep tissue /trigger point massager.

Product Features:

  • GEMSTONE NON-POWERED WAND: Obsidian gemstone wand with curved shaft and double ends, about 21cm (8.4 inch) long, 4cm (1.6 inch) diameter. Much longer and thicker than those crystal wands on the market.
  • EXCELLENT FINISHING: The wand is handcrafted and polished without using any chemical treatment or dyeing. Masterfully finished with so fine and so smooth surface that would never hurt your skin.
  • PLEASURE YOU BODY & EYES: A beautiful piece of carving art that can pleasure your body and eyes. For deep tissue / trigger point massages for shoulder, back, or neck, , for use in crystal healing or spiritual meditation, or just for decoration.
  • HEALING AND WATERPROOF: Made from natural healing obsidian stone. Can be used in almost any conditions; cold, hot or in water to gain benefits of massage and crystal healing.
  • CERTIFIED: Comes with certificate of authenticity and a beautiful purple velvet pouch. Excellent gift for yourself or your loved one.


about 21cm (8.4 inch) long, 4cm (1.6 inch) diameter, with double ends, girth (circumference) is about 12.6 cm (5 inch) at the larger end, very long and thick. Curved shaft for better handling. Excellent finishing.

Most crystal wands on the market are 10 - 14 cm long, too short and too thin to use.

The wand is carved and polished so well so smooth that would never hurt your skin

For deep tissue / trigger point massage, for use in crystal energy healing, spiritual meditation, or for many other usages. Truly a masterpiece of non-vibrating and non-powered natural gemstone wand to pleasure your body and eyes. Waterproof.

Why obsidian for this massage wand?

Obsidian is a protective gemstone that shields against negativity, and absorbs harmful energies from the environment. This stone is believed to reduce the pain of arthritis, help joint problems, ease cramp, and aid digestion. This stone can also help in proper blood circulation and ease stomach problems. Obsidian is also excellent to assist you to release disharmony, resentment, fear and anger that have built up in daily life and work. Obsidian is called Dragonglass in Game of Thrones.


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