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Genuine Jade site, operated by Gongwell Services Incorporated, sells yoni eggs and kegel balls made by Polar Jade Enterprises Corp from 100% natural and genuine nephrite jade, rose quartz and obsidian.  Our products are shipped from Canada, the US, or China depending on your destination address. 
We are based in Vancouver, Canada, only 50 minutes to Vancouver international airport. If you are in greater Vancouver area, you are welcome to stop by at our office.

All of our jade eggs come with certificates of authenticity.

9 out of 10 of the "jade eggs" on the market are fake jade eggs made of variants of  translucent marble stones such as serpentine. Serpentine is often used as jade simulant in China and is often marketed as "water jade", "new jade", "xiuyan jade", "xiuyu jade", "serpentine jade", "nephrite serpentine jade", or just "jade eggs" without mentioning the actual stone name.

Serpentine is a soft and loose marble stone. Some serpentine stones, particulaly those light green serpentine stones, usually will de-color (changing color) when contacting with moisture and air. This de-coloring is called "zuosui" in Chinese and is a well-known phenomenon in fake jade products made of serpentine. The de-coloring is caused by the reactions of the soft and loose serpentine marble stone with moisture in the presence of air. 

While there is no scientific data yet to prove the serpentine is hazardous, we strongly suggest you do NOT buy or use your light green serpentine eggs. Considering the intimate usage, any stone that de-colors over time is NOT suitable for yoni eggs.

We have the BEST yoni eggs made of real nephrite jade eggs. Nephrite is one of the 2 true jade" (another true jade is jadeite). The "jade eggs" used in Taoist practice in ancient time in China were nephrite jade eggs. True nephrite jade is considered the "Stone of Heaven". Because of its healing power, hardness, toughness, and densely compacted mineral structure, nephrite jade is the best choice as yoni eggs.  Nephrite jade egg is heavier than fake jade eggs so it is very easy to tell the difference.

Don't wear fake jade eggs made of marble stones, wear real nephrite jade eggs.

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