Pleasure your eyes, heal our body & mind

Genuine Jade site, operated by Gongwell Services Incorporated, sells yoni eggs and natural Chakra healing crystal stones made by Polar Jade Enterprises Corp,, a natural stone mining company. About 10 years ago some customers asked us to make natural healing crystals for them. They told us that they don't trust those stones on the market because there are so many fake and chemically treated crystals flooded on the market.

This is how Polar Jade® and Mina Heal®, the prestigious natural healing crystal brands, are born.

If you have doubt about your stones, please inform us first. We will make sure you are completely satisfied. 

Our products are shipped from Canada, the US, or China depending on your destination address. 
We are based in Vancouver, Canada, only 50 minutes to Vancouver international airport. If you are in greater Vancouver area, you are welcome to stop by at our office.